Sodium Chloride


CAS# 7647-14-5

Synonyms Salt; 2: PN: WO2014001822 PAGE: 45 claimed sequence; Adios Ambros; Adsorbanac; Arm-A-Vial; Ayr; BCD; Brinewate Superfine; Canners 999; Cap-Shure 70 Salt; Cap-Shure 85 Salt; Common salt; D 02056; Dendritic salt; Dendritis; EF 40; EF 40 (salt); Esco PDV Table Salt; Extra Fine 200 Salt; Extra Fine 325 Salt; Flexivial; Gingivyl; H.G. Blending; Hypersal; Iodized salt; Kochsalz; LS 1700; MARSEL; Mafiron; NSC 77364; Nakuru N; Nakuru UM 5; Naruto Shokuen; Natritope chloride; Natrum mur; Natrum muriaticum; Nissei-no Yakishio S; SS Salt; Sea salt; Slow Sodium; Sodium chloric; Sodium monochloride; Soft Salt S 50; Solsel; Special Salt 100/95; Suprasel; Suprasel Nitrite; Table salt; Titrisol; Top flake; Uzushio Biryuu M; Watesal A
Molecular Formula NaCl
Molecular Weight 58.44
Category Building Blocks; Inorganics;
Applications Sodium Chloride is the source, directly or indirectly, for the production of many chemicals, in addition to the familiar domestic uses of salt. It is the starting point for the Chloralkali process, which provides the world with chlorine and sodium hydroxide. Via the Solvay process, sodium chloride is used to produce sodium carbonate and calcium chloride.
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