CAS# 62-53-3


Synonyms Aniline; Aminobenzene; Aminophen; Anyvim; Blue Oil; C.I. 76000; NCI 176889; Phenylamine
Molecular Formula C₆H₇N
Molecular Weight 93.13
Category Standards; Environmental Standards, Mutagens and Metabolites;
Applications Aniline is used in the manufacture of dyes, medicinals, resins, varnishes, perfumes, as a vulcanizing rubber or even as a solvent (1,2). Hazardous and noxious substance which affects the early life stages of marine animals (3). Drinking water contaminant candidate list 3 (CCL 3) compound as per United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), environmental, and food contaminants. Dyes and metabolites, Environmental Testing.
UN 1547
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