Product development & formulation

Are you currently looking for beverage producers who can assist you in turning your ideas into finished goods? Or do you already have a drink recipe and are looking for a beverage manufacturing business to make your drinks? Our beverage development and manufacturing specialists will review your idea and collaborate with you to design the ideal recipe, packaging, and manufacturing procedure for your new beverage.

Contact us for a free consultation if you are just starting out in the beverage industry or are currently running a beverage business and you have reached the point where production, logistics, marketing, or sales feel out of control. Our helpful beverage industry professionals are ready to respond to your inquiries. The business aspect of your new beverage start-up is also covered by our beverage consulting services. We can assist you with comprehending partnerships, beverage business strategies, capital raising for a new or existing beverage startup, intellectual property protection, FDA laws and regulations, guidelines for dealing in alcoholic drinks, and every other component of owning and operating a beverage business.

Every day, the multibillion-dollar beverage industry supplies customers from all around the world. By developing drinks that are healthier for people and the environment, we have the chance to better our lives and the future. Whether we are creating soft drinks, energy drinks, fresh-pressed fruit juice, teas, or any other beverages, we prioritize the world and its inhabitants. This is Valerian Labs’ top priority. We deal with many types of packaging substrates, including aluminum cans, glass, plastic, and pouches. However, we are making every effort to cut as much plastic out of our manufacturing process as we can. 

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