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Valerian Labs Inc is a self-standing Canadian company offering an assortment of products and services. In 2014, we started out as an e-juice (vape juice) manufacturer before developing Vitamin Power, our functional health beverage. Beginning with a concept, we worked to register for a natural health products number (NPN), submit safe operating procedures, and obtain the necessary certifications and licensing. We kept enhancing the design and formulation of our functional beverages. Our goal is to handle everything, including co-packing, design, marketing, and global distribution. In developing healthy beverage products, we discovered a local shortage of raw materials. We then made the decision to start providing goods and services to other clients and customers in addition to ourselves. Our current services include product development, formulation, co-packing, marketing, graphic design, trademark registration, as well as supply and distribution of over 196 chemicals. We have educated ourselves along the way and proved success in a variety of fields. We now have enough experience of working in a variety of industries to offer our services to you. 

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