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Holly Wood Vape Labs -Legends Vape: 

We are proudly Canadian! A British Columbia based premium juice lab founded in 2015 and we have been mixing and creating flavors since 2012. We have worked hard to establish a new generation of premium liquids based on a proper code of conduct. Our juices are made of the finest flavorings which are FDA approved and regulated. We believe that a premium line should pass all its proper testing, as well as be safe and tasty for our consumers. At Hollywood® Vape Labs we take pride in being the leading premium vape juice that has the highest standards in producing vapes. We are the industry leaders in the Canadian market and strive to expand our premium brand worldwide. 

Vitamin Power: 

Functional beverages to help you continue your daily routine at ease. Unleash your power. Helping you feel best is our mission.

Silk Serenity: 

Silk serenity is a luxury silk accessory line with the highest quality silk available on the market. Some of our products include silk hairbands, eye masks, hair turbans, pillowcases.  

Custom Laboratory Glassware & Equipment for Chemical Manufacturing: 

We design and create custom glassware that fulfills laboratory requirements to meet customer needs.

This video below shows custom glassware designed and created by Valerian Labs for the purpose of fusing gases into liquid substances using this apparatus. Solvent is added to the main vessel and the gas is administered at a specific rate determined by the user until the final product is achieved. We can determine when the product is finished by multiple variables such as the temperature, pressure, the flow meter installed on the gas supply line, and a scale weighing how much gas we have administered into the apparatus.  

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