The beverage sector is filled with competitors. People no longer just buy products with well-known brand names; they also buy micros, niche products, natural and organic products, simple and complicated products, blended products, huge packs, little samples, and so forth. New methods of displaying and delivering beverage items have emerged from competition and we work to meet those distribution requirements. 

We can help bring your product not just to the top of the shelf but also to the top of the mind, whether your beverage is offered through big box retailers, specialist shops, or distribution through targeted events. 

It’s important to make a well-informed choice when choosing a co-packer for your unique beverage. After all, the bottle, can, or final product bears your name. We do all the grunt work involved in co-packing. We can handle the production of your beverage regardless of how you want it. 

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You may reduce expenses and markup by removing the layers of the supply chain (manufacturers, brokers, distributors, and retailers) and using Valerian Labs as your private label packaging option. Better profits will result for you, or you may pass the savings on to your consumers to boost brand loyalty. 

You’ll have total control over the appearance and feel of your cans. We’ll prepare your artwork with you and make high end shrink sleeve labels. For your brand, we provide a range of finishes and colors. We can also assist you if you require a design for your cans. 

We combine our extensive processing and manufacturing experience with our enthusiasm for nutrition, wellness, and health. As a result, drinks of the highest caliber are created using cutting-edge machinery and procedures 

To inquire about any of the aforementioned services, please feel free to contact us. Trust is the key to a fruitful collaboration between a co-packer and an entrepreneur. We both have an interest in a successful business endeavor, and accomplishing this aim requires teamwork in order to perform as effectively as possible. 

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